Kaissu Trinity and the new collection

Kaissu Trinity and the new collection.

Three years, three people, three collections. This is how I see Kaissu’s doings in a brief throwback here and now.

Three years ago, an Estonian interior magazine wrote about a new, unknown Estonian furniture brand Kaissu and its soon-to-debut product, a bed called „Tuul“. True, three might not exactly be a big number and team of three is actually tiny, but a lot has happened during these three years! Kaissu, today, is so much more, than just an idea or a single bed. In truth, the aforementioned bed that was introduced in the article was never launched, but the public market received the new and improved version of bed Tuul, from which our successful birch plywood bedroom-collection was born. The natural followup to that was the complete collection to the children’s room.

Yes, Kaissu believes in collections. We like to design and offer our products in series, which are bound with collection-specific ideas and values. And this Spring, Kaissu reached to its third collection.

First sketches of it waited for its’ breakout for over two years. If the started to take its current shape in late 2017 then the last details were finalised only a few months ago. The journey to the creation of the new products have been exciting and delightful. Kaissu’s trademark, the „clean and simple“ formula has come in the shape of ultra slim lines and clever construction. The theme of the collection is „divine blend of the nature and human craft“ – expressed through the exquisite finish of the decorous materials. Timeless and with beautiful wood-grain solid oakwood are accompanied by metal and velvet elements. The collection is made of two well-matching lines of products – EHE and VIRA.

Kaissu will no longer be known as the plywood furniture maker. Kaissu is the creator of furniture. The Designer of the most beautiful beds in the world. We are not defined by the material. We are defined by the design – from the idea to the realisation.

And by the way, our team has gained a new member since April. Now there are Four. But that’s another story for another time.

Helen Leetsar

*The new 2019 collection is the second in line as a bedroom collection, but third, if you count the children’s collection as separate.


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