Terms and conditions of the warranty

The products of Kaissu have a ten-year (10-year) sales warranty (hereinafter ‘warranty’).
The warranty only covers the defects in materials or workmanship that existed when the product was purchased.
The warranty is valid in the European Union.

Prerequisites for the validity of the warranty:

  • The furniture must be bought from an official shop of Kaissu (incl. the online shop) or from an authorised reseller.
  • The purchased product must be registered to the buyer’s name within thirty (30) days from the date on the purchase invoice in accordance with the requirements on the warranty coupon included in the packaging of the product. Unregistered products are given a two-year (2-year) warranty from the moment of purchase.

 The warranty becomes void if:

  • the furniture is not used according to the intended purpose;
  • requirements and recommendations given in the user, installation, or maintenance manual are ignored;
  • the furniture is used in public establishments, commercial spaces, office spaces, etc.;
  • the damage is caused by maintenance with incorrect means and tools, careless handling, including excess loads, as well as during transportation;
  • the structure of the furniture is changed, amended, or fixed without the required authorisation;
  • the product has a different owner, as the warranty only applies to the original buyer of the product.

The warranty does not cover the following:

  • natural wear and tear, discolouration, etc.;
  • specificities of natural materials (e.g. burrs, uneven colour, variety in the grain);
  • textile parts of the furniture;
  • deformations caused by excess moisture or dryness and/or an unsuitable room temperature. 

Procedure for exercising the rights arising from the warranty

If any deficiencies occur, the buyer is obligated to notify Kaissu or an authorised reseller from whom they bought the furniture as soon as possible. The buyer shall submit a description and photographs of the deficiency.

During the warranty period, Kaissu will repair or replace all defective details or products as quickly as possible.

Repairing the product. If necessary, the buyer returns the product to be repaired or replaced. If the warranty does not apply to the deficiency, the buyer shall pay for the works performed by Kaissu as well as for transportation. If the product is repaired by the term of expiry of the warranty, the warranty is extended by the duration of the repairs.

Replacing the product. If required, Kaissu will replace the defective product with an identical new one. If the product is reworked or no longer manufactured, Kaissu will replace the defective product with the reworked or equivalent new product. If the product is replaced within the warranty period, a new warranty period will apply to the replaced product.

Provider of the sales warranty:

Kaissu Interiors OÜ, registry code 14185747, Liivalaia 40 10132 Tallinn, +372 513 8613, hello@kaissu.com